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To start, it is pretty obvious that this is homework and I believe I've done my due diligence. Now I don't expect a solution to be handed to me on a silver platter, just a simple nudge in the right direction would be nice, so let me begin:

The question is:

All strings over the alphabet {0, 1} where every odd-length block of 0's is immediately followed by an even-length block of 1's, and every even-length block of 0's is immediately followed by an odd-length block of 1's.

What I've been doing is working at it piece by piece, starting with:

Match only even 0’s, odd 1’s: ^[^0]*((00)+1(11)*)*$

Match only odd 0’s, even 1’s: ^[^0]*(0(00)*(11)+)*$

Putting them both together: ^[^0]*((00)+1(11)*)*(0(00)*(11)+)*$

I thought this worked initially, but it only works with:

  • 001011
  • 001000010110001111, etc.
  • Basically anything else that appears in the same order as how it appears in the expression which makes sense.

And not:

  • 011001, etc.

What I've been stuck on is figuring out is how to have it work for the case listed above. I tried doing a positive lookahead, but it didn't seem to work.

Does anyone have any pointers?

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Have you tried something like ((case 1)|(case 2))+? – assylias Apr 2 '13 at 22:45
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You're definitely on the right track.

Match only even 0’s, odd 1’s: ^(00)+1(11)*$

Match only odd 0’s, even 1’s: ^0(00)*(11)+$

Putting them both together: ^(((00)+1(11)*)|(0(00)*(11)+))+$

Just for fun, here's a shorter one that fails on input 1, 111, 11111... unless you count zero as an even number.

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Combining them both as ^[^0]*((00)+1(11)*)*(0(00)*(11)+)*$ only gets you half way, as it only works when all of the odd-0-even-1 blocks are before all of the even-0-odd-1 blocks. What you want is a regex that matches zero or more ones ([^0]*) followed by any mix of odd-even and even-odd blocks — sort of like (odd-even|even-odd)(odd-even|even-odd)..., but for any amount (zero or more) of either odd-even or even-odd. How could you do that?

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