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Using Microsoft Windows 7.0 OS and wanted to be able to call pip for ease of installing Python modules. I first installed distribute.

After running the module:

 pip install -U scikit-learn

I realized that I need to set the BLAS environment variable. I do not fully understand what this entails, i.e. what should it be set to? set BLAS="something"

(Note: I also skipped this and tried: easy_install -U scikit-learn, which seemed to work fine. But when I attempt to import the module in iPython it doesn't recognize it, it gives "invalid syntax" pointing to "-").

Appreciate your thoughts.

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You wouldn't import scikit-learn in Python, as that is not a valid module identifier - as the error states, you can't have hyphens in names. You'll have to look at the documentation to see what the actual modules are called. But it sounds like your easy_install worked. –  Daniel Roseman Apr 2 '13 at 22:46
@DanielRoseman thanks, you're absolutely correct. For others who may be interested, the short name of the module that you want to import is 'sklearn'. –  Michele Reilly Apr 3 '13 at 2:05

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