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I am trying to solve a numeric classification problem with numeric attributes in WEKA using linear regression and then I want to test my model on the existing dataset with ""re-evaluate model on current test dataset.

As a result of the evaluation I am getting the summary:

Correlation coefficient 0.9924 Mean absolute error 1.1017 Root mean squared error 1.2445 Total Number of Instances 17

But I don't have results as it is shown here:

How to bring WEKA to the result I need?

Thank you.

To answer my question - for trained and tested model, right click on the model and go to visualize classifier error. there use save option to save actual and predicted values.

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Are you using command line interface (CLI) or GUI.

If CLI, the command given in the above link works pretty fine

java weka.classifiers.trees.J48 -T unclassified.arff -l j48.model -p 0

So when you train the model you save it as *.model (j48.model) and later use it to evaluate on test data (unclassified.arff)

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I am on GUI side. Thanks for your answer. – caspik Apr 7 '13 at 2:44

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