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I have a customer that do a little wrap up of what happend during the weekend and prep a file in MS Word with pictures and text

that word document is then converted in pdf for downloading on the web site as link. I can make a php script that will check in the folder how many file there is ans make a list of them, but i like to be able to have a preview of the file (automatically) or best a way to view the file online WITHOUT having to download...

Any idea how to do that, how do YOU handle that situation ?

thanks in advance

here is a interesting link

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have you tried: Google Docs Viewer; it can point to a file on your server

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There are few options: in linux/nix there tools that can convert your pdf file pages to multiple image file. u can display the image as snapshot to your pdf pages. this u need some simple skill a pgm that do the pdf to image/png/jpeg and some web scripting to display it page by page.

adobe flex can do the tricks. but first of all u need to convert your pdf to swf files. there few tools that can do that. after that by using flex u can open your swf movie and the paging will be your swf frame.

this is my prototype by using flex ... somehow similar to a well known tool in the net...

u can do it also by using image magic tool name convert: eg:

# convert -thumbnail x360 pdffile[0] thumb_0.jpg

pdfminer ...a nice tool than can generate to html

good luck...

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anything jquery ?.. and when you tell "there few tools that can do that." can you get me the NAME and the LINK to see that tool... thanks –  menardmam Oct 16 '09 at 12:01
my prototype i m using flex with this tools swftools.org u can try to search for pdf2jpg etc –  Abu Aqil Oct 16 '09 at 12:12
with image magic u have a tool name convert by using convert u can grab an image snapshot of any page in your pdf –  Abu Aqil Oct 16 '09 at 12:45
jquery... calling a pdf viewer on client side is possible.. but i think you will have some cross browser issues. u dont need j query for that. i think if u just want to show 1 or 2 pages the image magic tool convert can help u...eg in nix shell: convert -thumbnail x360 $docs_converted_pdffile[0] $docs_path.thumb.jpg . the cmd will create a jpg file of the pdf first page. –  Abu Aqil Oct 16 '09 at 12:53

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