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I am interested in developing a peer-to-peer network that uses UDP tunneling to get around NAT for low-latency communication for something similar to a multiplayer game. There will be central server available for authentication and identifying external IP addresses. Is there an open source library out there with a LGPL or BSD (etc) license? I'd like to avoid reinventing the wheel if possible.

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The following open source libraries are all variants or direct implementations of ICE for P2P NAT traversals scenarios for UDP.




I've been using pjnath and find it to be quite good, robust, and has the widest platform support.

See my classic answer here on the basics of UDP NAT tranersal and P2P.

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This project wound up on the back burner for a long time but I have settled on libjingle with XMPP backend. I guess it is now WebRTC. –  John Jun 14 at 5:22
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You should take a look at zeroMQ, it's a simple library that encapsulates TCP/UDP networking for creaeting distributed protocols. There is bindings for every language.

For P2P you can use these modes:

  • PGM/EPGM for discover member of P2P on your LAN (it use multicast)
  • REQ/REP for ask a question to one member
  • PULL/PUSH for duplicate one resource on the net
  • Publish/subscribe for transmission a file to all requesters
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I took a look at zeroMQ, but I didn't see any UDP tunneling abilities to handle NATs. –  John Apr 3 '13 at 0:25
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