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In the Rails_admin wiki, they describe how association scoping can work:

config.model Team do
  field :players do
    associated_collection_cache_all false  # REQUIRED if you want to SORT the list as below
    associated_collection_scope do
      # bindings[:object] & bindings[:controller] are available, but not in scope's block!
      team = bindings[:object]
      Proc.new { |scope|
        # scoping all Players currently, let's limit them to the team's league
        # Be sure to limit if there are a lot of Players and order them by position
        scope = scope.where(league_id: team.league_id) if team.present?
        scope = scope.limit(30).reorder('players.position DESC') # REorder, not ORDER

However, they also mention:

Also note that the scope takes in to account the saved version of the record, not considering any unsaved changes you may have made in the edit form. If you change the team's league, you'll still see the players from the old league until you save.

What's the best way to make this work for new, unsaved records too? So when I change the league in the form, the players will update accordingly, without having to save the record.

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Did you found answer? I want same functionality. –  Senthil Sep 28 '13 at 5:03

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