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I am trying to add a horizontal line to dygraph which already show my time series data.

I have average of the complete data which I want to show as a static horizontal line on dygraph.

Does anyone know how to do that simply.

I already checked following links: http://dygraphs.com/tests/highlighted-region.html view-source:http://dygraphs.com/tests/crosshair.html

There must be some simple solution to this

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As danvk mentioned before, try specifying the "underlayCallback" option within your "new Dygraph()" call. Use HTML Canvas context to draw the line.

Example below: (xmin and xmax are your unix epoch time in milliseconds)

var yavg= 50, xmin=1357016400000, xmax=1359694800000;
new Dygraph(document.getElementById('graph1'), data,{
  (....other options....),
    var xl = dygraph.toDomCoords(xmin,yavg);
    var xr = dygraph.toDomCoords(xmax,yavg);
    ctx.strokeStyle= 'green';
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Your options are either to use an underlay callback (ala http://dygraphs.com/tests/highlighted-region.html) or to add a second, constant data series.

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