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So I've set off trying to learn web development, and I've gotten pretty comfortable with basic HTML/css and I've made a really nice sample page. However, as of now it's just a pretty, marked-up text document sitting on my desktop. I'd like to include a commenting system where I could write "comments" to myself as simulated web users. I have a text box and a form to "submit" the comments, but nothing attached to it. I realize I need to write some kind of script, javascript or php, but then I need to save the comments in some sort of format, like a database, but I'm not sure where to start for that. Where should I start in the task of including a commenting system for this basic webpage I have on my desktop? (book recommendations are welcome as well).

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Just add Disqus and be done with it. –  Joe Frambach Apr 3 '13 at 3:11

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If you're looking to set off on the adventure of dynamic webpages, you're going to have to look at some sort of server side language. Quite possibly the most popular today are PHP, ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails. Python also has it's fair share of frameworks to use for dynamic web pages as well.

Personally, I am PHP and Python guy.

Speaking from the experience of PHP, I really like the MVC frameworks that are out there such as Codeigniter and Laravel. I would recommend going through the documentation on PHP before diving into one of the frameworks, though. It will help you understand what's going on a little better. If you understand OOP, PHP will make sense to you.

Some of these MVC frameworks I mentioned also make use of Active Record which allows simple database queries. Learning the basics of SQL/MySQL will help you here.

You can combine JavaScript's AJAX with your webpages to make them work asynchronously with PHP, which is a better user experience in the end.

On a final note, there really is no wrong answer to choosing a server side language to build in, just personal preferences, really.

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One trivial approach would be to use the Disqus commenting service.

If what you're after is the learning experience of implementing comments, of course, this isn't going to be for you. But if you just want to add comments in a hurry, it's an ideal approach.

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I'm in for the learning experience... –  Mike Flynn Apr 3 '13 at 4:29
At the end of the day, Disqus is a great service... Though, you literally learn nothing. Personally, I am always trying to learn the why behind something. –  Sethen Maleno Apr 3 '13 at 14:15

There is a good post about how to implement commenting system using JQUERY, AJAX and PHP.

Check this: http://www.9lessons.info/2009/09/comment-system-database-with-jquery.html

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