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 movl 8(%ebp), %eax #  A(param) is at ebp + 8
 movl 12(%ebp), %edx # B(param) is at ebp + 12 
 movl %edx, %ecx
 subl %eax, %ecx 
 movl %ecx, %eax 
 addl $1, %eax 
 movl %eax, %edx 
 shrl $31, %edx 
 leal (%edx,%eax), %eax 
 sarl %eax  
 addl %eax, 8(%ebp) 
 movl 8(%ebp), %eax 
 cmpl 12(%ebp), %eax 
 jge .L5

I'm having issues reverse engineering this x86 and what I'm thinking right now is that it's a do-while but the expression that I am getting doesn't seem right and without using variables it is very long. I think at the shrl $31, %edx, the register edx should equal ((B-A)+1)>>31? Am I way off?

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Thanks @Aleks G – CSDUDE Apr 3 '13 at 2:48

No, that's correct.     

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oh, excellent thanks. I'd upvote, but not enough rep yet :/ – CSDUDE Apr 3 '13 at 2:56

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