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I need to convert existing values into dictionary in a Class without using __dict__ function. Details below.

The current output looks like below (only a portion of the total records, this is just for example):

Abair, 131 Laconia St, 7, PHYS271:C|CHEM271:C|MUSC101:A|ANTA321:B
Babeau, 60 Parker St, 8, GERM111:B|COM432:A|ENGR251:C
Babin, 44 Griggs Rd, 9, MECH312:D|MATH142C|GEOG108:B

What I need is this output in dictionary format for the course-grade pairs:

Babeau, 60 Parker St, 8, {GERM111:B, COM432:A, ENGR251:C}

My class is below. Class Student is a sub-class of Class Person.

class Person(object):

    def __init__(self, name, address):
        self.name    = name
        self.address = address

    def get_name(self):
        return self.name

    def get_address(self):
        return self.address

    def greet(self):
        print "Hello, my name is " + self.name

    def print_person(self):
        print self.name, self.address

class Student(Person):

    next_id = 0          # A unique ID for each student

    def __init__(self, name, address, record):
        Person.__init__(self, name, address)
        Student.next_id += 1
        self.id = Student.next_id   
        self.record = record

    def get_id(self):
        return self.id

    def add_to_record(self, semester_grades):
        self.record += semester_grades

    def get_record(self):
        return self.record

    def greet(self):
        print "How's it going? I'm " + self.name

    def print_person(self):
        grades = str(self.record)
        print "%s, %s, %i, %s" % (self.name, self.address, self.id, grades)

The instruction for the creation of dictionary is below. I don't think I am allowed to use __dict__ function.

add the existing values to a dictionary for each student and then have code which allows the addition of extra course:grade pairs. As far as creating the dictionary, the data in the file is already in course (key):grade(value) pairs so building a dictionary should be fairly easy. Just use split to get the pairs and then again to get the two parts and build the dictionary. So for each student, create an empty dictionary in the initialiser (__init__) function, then split the course:grade pairs up and use the grade adding method to add them to the student object. Then write some code to use the add, change and retrieve methods."

I still cannot figure out how to create such dictionary.

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First of all, __dict__ is a dictionary, not a function; dict is a function (and a type). Secondly, what makes you think you can't use one of them? –  jwodder Apr 3 '13 at 2:56
I can't because that is one of the requirements. –  Elf Demon Apr 3 '13 at 3:18
What part are you having trouble with? Looks like your assignment spells out the steps of creating the dict from strings pretty straightforwardly: use split to get the pairs, then split again to separate them into key/value, then add to a dictionary. –  Henry Keiter Apr 3 '13 at 3:18

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Assuming you're wanting to split the string of classes/grades into a dict, you'd do it like this:

s = "PHYS271:C|CHEM271:C|MUSC101:A|ANTA321:B"
d = dict(x.split(':') for x in s.split('|'))

>>> d
{'CHEM271': 'C', 'MUSC101': 'A', 'PHYS271': 'C', 'ANTA321': 'B'}
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how to add that INTO the Student Class, though? How to make it to be a function inside the class? It should do something to the self.record –  Elf Demon Apr 3 '13 at 4:07

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