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Lets say I have the following case:

I am trying to apply a switch statement to each term in test where test = c("AA","bb") and mapping = c("AA"=5,"bb"=7)

If I do

sapply(test, switch, mapping )

I get

    AA bb
AA  5  5
bb  7  7

instead of c(5,7) like I want. Is there any way to modify sapply(test,switch,...) such that the first 2 arguments are still test and switch and I am able to pass in a vector for the mapping?

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anything wrong with just doing mapping[test]? –  flodel Apr 3 '13 at 3:08

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I'll make it an answer then, you can just do:

# AA bb 
# 5  7 
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This seems to work for using sapply with switch. But frankly, flodel's response is simplest.

sapply(test,function(x) do.call("switch",as.list(c(x,mapping))))
# AA  bb  AA  bb 
#"5" "7" "5" "7"
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