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I use imageMagick to split an image into tiles. I use the following command:

convert -crop 100x100 source.png tile%d.png

This creates a bunch of tile images. Is there a way to recreate the original image from the tiles?

I'm doing this for different source.png files (of different dimensions), so I don't always know how many tiles there will be for each image (i.e. how many rows/columns).

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I don't think you would be able to do this with a tile%d.png since you wouldn't know how many rows and cols. If the image size wasn't a multiple of 100, you would end up with tiles of a different size. You could then go through the files checking the size to look for non "full size" tiles. Again this would breakdown if the original size was 1000x2000.

I think you will need to include the row and column within the file name. You'll need IM v6.4.8-4 and higher.

convert source.png -crop 100x100 -set filename:tile \
    "%[fx:page.y/100+1000]_%[fx:page.x/100+1000]" \
    +repage +adjoin "file_tiles_%[filename:tile].png"

The magic is fx:page.x/100+1000. The 100 needs to match what your crop size is for x and 1000 is to make the files all line of up to 9999 (so max of 8999 row and columns) or 899 if you don't want to do math to remove the 1000 from the number.

If you require tile%d.png, you could always create both sets. When you go to restore the original you will need to do something like:

montage -mode concatenate -tile 4x file_tiles_*.png rejoined.png

You will need to figure out the number of columns. This can be parsed from the last one in row 1000...

ls -1 file_tiles_1000* | tail -1 | sed 's/.*_//g; s/\.png//g; s/^.000*//g'

§ Tile Cropping

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