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For example, is my url

if I add any numbers to the end like

I cannot get 404 error page, if replace those numbers to letters, works fine. Could please someone give some advices? thanks

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what do you get if not the 404 page? – doublesharp Apr 3 '13 at 3:41
I get the page before the number. if the url like this, then I page I see is – olo Apr 3 '13 at 3:48
What are you using for your permalinks settings? Anything extra in the .htaccess file in the root of your WordPress install? – doublesharp Apr 3 '13 at 3:52
have one line redirection RewriteRule ^page/$ "page/subpage" [R=301,L] in the .htaccess file – olo Apr 3 '13 at 4:06
did you try commenting out that rule to see if it's the problem? fwiw I would probably use RewriteRule ^page/?$ page/subpage/ [R=301,L] - not sure if the double quotes hurt, but i do know you don't need them, and you can make the trailing forward slash optional. – doublesharp Apr 3 '13 at 4:12

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