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I have a Windows 8 App that uses a SQLite database and I'm trying to backup an entire table on a remote server (SQLServer, but not Windows Azure). What are the best practices for accomplishing this?

Ideally, I was thinking that I could create an XML stream in the App and post to a page that I created that would parse the XML and then insert the rows into our SQLServer db...but it seems that all of the examples of XML for Windows 8 only deal with receiving XML...not creating and posting XML.

(a) is there a better way to accomplish this?

(b) if not, is there a good example of an XML post that you can point me to?

(c) I can do JSON as well if that's an alternative.

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this sounds more like a sync than a backup (for backup, just copy the file). I haven't looked at this but the Sync Toolkit for Windows 8 looks promising. – Jim O'Neil Apr 3 '13 at 4:59

Syncing is better practice rather than backup. I would recommend to read this blog post.

Synchronizing WinRT/SQLite Using Sync Framework Toolkit (With sample app)

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