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If start child spec statically:

init(...) ->
    {ok, {{RestartStrategy, MaxR, MaxT},
          [ChildSpec, ...]}}.

But if I start child spec dynamically:

start_child(SupRef, ChildSpec) -> startchild_ret()

How to determine RestartStrategy、 MaxR and MaxT ?

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You cant determine RestartStrategy, MaxR and MaxT dinamically neither in start_child nor anywhere else. These are supervisor's attributes (not child's) and you can determine they only in init/1 callback of supervisor.

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Given that the RestartStrategy is a property of a supervisor and not of its children, you could add an extra layer to your supervision tree and have multiple supervisors as children of a root supervisor. Each of the sub-supervisors would specify a different RestartStrategy. You would then add children to the appropriate supervisor.

enter image description here

Image from Learn You Some Erlang.

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