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This is the following piece of code from WiTap,

- (void) send:(const uint8_t)message
if (_outStream && [_outStream hasSpaceAvailable])
        if([_outStream write:(const uint8_t *)&message maxLength:sizeof(const uint8_t)] == -1)
                [self _showAlert:@"Failed sending data to peer"];

 - (void) activateView:(TapView*)view
    NSLog(@"ACTIVATE TAG: %d", [view tag]); 
    //[self send:[view tag] | 0x80];
    [self send:[view tag]];

 - (void) deactivateView:(TapView*)view
    NSLog(@"DEACTIVATE TAG: %d", [view tag]); 
    //[self send:[view tag] & 0x7f];
    [self send:[view tag]];


Is it possible to send a file using WiTap ? How to send NSData using the send method ?


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It is possible but it's the wrong way to do it. For what you're trying to do I recommend to use SimpleNetworkStreams (that's the name of the sample).

If you need to use multiple connection here's what you need http://developer.apple.com/samplecode/CocoaHTTPServer/index.html

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