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I am trying to make my Controller to redirect to a page with a custom error message:

    public String processSubmit(@Valid Voter voter, BindingResult result, HttpServletRequest request) {
        if (result.hasErrors()) {
            logger.info("RegisterController encountered form errors ");
            return "registerPage";
        if (service.isVoterRegistered(voter.getVoterID())) {
          logger.info("VoterID exists");

          request.setAttribute("firstName", voter.getFirstName());
          request.setAttribute("lastName", voter.getLastName());
          request.setAttribute("ssn", voter.getSsn());
          return "forward:/question";

        }else {
          logger.info("RegisterController is redirecting because it voter info failed to authenticate");
          //TODO: should re-direct to register page with error

          return "redirect:registerPage";

  <!-- registerPage.jsp -->
    <div class="container">
            Voter Registration
        <div class="span-12 last">  
            <form:form modelAttribute="voter" method="post">
                    <legend>Voter Fields</legend>
                        <form:label for="firstName" path="firstName" cssErrorClass="error">First Name : </form:label></br>
                        <form:input path="firstName" /><form:errors path="firstName"/>
                        <form:label for="lastName" path="lastName" cssErrorClass="error">Last Name : </form:label> </br>
                        <form:input path="lastName" /> <form:errors path="lastName" />
                        <form:label for="ssn" path="ssn" cssErrorClass="error">Social Security Number : </form:label> </br>
                        <form:input path="ssn" /> <form:errors path="ssn" />
                        <input type="submit"/>

On redirecting to register.jsp page, I want the page to display an error message, saying that the voter is not registered. My question is how to get Controller to return to a page as if the form had a validation error (i.e result.hasErrors() == true) .

Thanks in advance

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You can add the following section in your jsp--

<c:when test="${not empty  errors}">
    <div class="error">
    <c:forEach items="${errors}" var="err">

Here c is nothing but this--

<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>

Also you need to pass the errors into the model and view like this inside the if block in your controller method--


error class in the DIV is nothing but my custom css to display as a red block--

    color: red;
    border:2px solid red;


You can also have a look at this
Hope my answer has helped you..

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There's something wrong in your controller method. It would be better way to call getAllErrors() method from result than the getFieldErrors(). Of course if the result is BindingResult type . Like this:

model.addAttribute("errors", result.getAllErrors());

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