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The following line

FILE *fp=popen("ls -h --full-time | awk '{printf \" %-70s%-10s%-20s%-30s\n \", $9,$5,$6,$7}' ","r");

gives the error

awk: Line 1 : runaway string constant "%-70s%-10....

I also tried

FILE *fp=popen("ls -h --full-time | awk \'{printf \" %-70s%-10s%-20s%-30s\n \", $9,$5,$6,$7}\' ","r");

Still the same error.

I know its got something to do with quotes. Only I can't figure out exactly what. How to get rid of the error? Thanks.

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You should probably lose the space after the first \" and before the second one — especially the space before the second one. –  Jonathan Leffler Apr 3 '13 at 5:45

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You meant for awk to interpret your \n, but in fact it's being interpreted by your C compiler as a literal newline. That's why awk sees a runaway string -- because by the time you've gotten there it's a literal newline.

You should use \\n in your original string.

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That worked. Thanks a lot. –  Nikhar Agrawal Apr 3 '13 at 5:23

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