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Sometimes I have observed, when an application is run or calls any kernel module functions, respective kernel module is loaded automatically.

I want to build a similar kernel module which will be loaded automatically when my application executes and calls its ioctls.

Actually i want to know, what I need to write in my kernel module so that it will be loaded automatically by my application at runtime.

I looked for it a lot but didn't find anything that is satisfactory.

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The keyword to search for is kmod, being the part of the Linux kernel which handles requests for loading kernel modules on the fly.

There are too many details to list in an answer here, but have a look at Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition' book, chapter 11 which goes into detail about kernel module autoloading.

Note that module load requests must come from within the kernel. So, if you have a device driver in a custom module but it's not loaded, the kernel has no way of knowing how to match up an ioctl request to your driver. But let's say you have a driver and some ioctl functions split into different modules A and B, it would be possible to insert the main module A to provide the device interface, and then when ioctls were requested of driver A, it could auto load the additional module B containing the ioctl functions using the kmod mechanism

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+1 : Note kmod is fairly new and might not be standard on many currently deployed (2013) platforms. –  artless noise Apr 3 '13 at 15:28

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