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Here is a Html page where i am using jquery and css with phonegap and implementing the UI , However this code is correctly working on webkit of Andorid OS 4.x version while the check while the function is not getting called in Label named changePageTermUse() in Android 2.3 device , i e clicking on label text refresh the checkbox only , while the same logic works on android 4.x devices , Whether I am doing something wrong or do i need to implement other way for android old version of OS like 2.3 .. etc

For Reference I am attaching the image at the end

<div class="chkbox-large-text">
        <input name="checkbox-0 " type="checkbox" data-iconpos="left" id="Chkterms" />
        I accept the <a style="text-decoration:underline;" onclick="changePageTermUse()">Terms of Use</a>.


function changePageTermUse() {
    $.mobile.changePage( "#terms-of-service", {transition: "none"});

Term of Use label text has click event that is working in Android 4.x but not working in 2.3 OS Any suggestion will be appreciated

enter image description here

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give the same values of label for and id of checkbox

 <label for="aa">
 <input type="checkbox" id="aa">
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Clicking in the rectangle(see image) area the event goes to check box in Andorid 2.3 based device and ur this also does not seem to work. –  Vipinhelloindia Apr 3 '13 at 6:23

A few days ago I had a Problem with no response on a click Event on Android. But it worked on iOS. I found out, that the Parent div had no height. Always check this...

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