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for various reasons I'm looking for a utility or feed-reader that can sit on a server and read an RSS feed from one url and re-publish it on a new url.

Free tools are better, obviously. I could also code my own but I figure there must be existing tools that do this, but my googling hasn't turned up much yet.

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Have a polling service that checks an RSS feed. There's a PHP RSS feed reader and publisher I use called FeedForAll, but you'll have to do the polling bit yourself.

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Maybe overkill but there is a few RSS-readers for the blogging platform WordPress which makes "autoblogging" possible. See:

"WP-o-Matic makes autoblogging a snap by automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns. " wp-o-matic

or FeedWordPress

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Writing your own is going to be the easiest most flexible route. I always prefer my own code that way i can fine tune exactly what it does. .NET provides syndication namespaces to make writing and reading of rss2 and atom1 feeds really simple. Check my blog post at http://www.jambr.co.uk/Article/create-rss2-feed-syndication which explains how to create your own feed, you could easily then create the reading equivelant and post it on

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