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I am already aware of the fact that we can post to friends wall using Graph API or Feed Dialogue,there are several constraints while doing so:

Graph API: We are no longer able to post to other users wall using Graph API since Feb'13!

Feed Dialogue: I know we can invoke Feed Dialogue to post to other users wall by mentioning the recipient and clicking share to post a message as shown in the below screen shot:

enter image description here

But my app requirement is different,there is an option for the user to post to friends wall and also a text view,where the user enters message to post to friends wall on his/her birthday,can any one please provide me any other alternatives to Feed Dialogue as the dialogue should not appear,which means the dialogue appears multiple times based on number of friends!

I have also tried using FBRequestConnection start for post update method i.e.:

[FBRequestConnection startForPostStatusUpdate:wallPostView.text tags:nil completionHandler:^(FBRequestConnection *connection, id result, NSError *error) 
  if (!error)

I am facing HTTP error as shown in snap shot below:

enter image description here

In one word,I want to schedule the message to post on my friends birthday,how to do this,any one please assist me on this,

Thanks all in advance :)

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Please tell me if you solved this problem – Sunny Mar 4 '14 at 9:41
No sunny,I didn't,but I have left the project way back,now I am working on new project :) – Eshwar Chaitanya Mar 4 '14 at 10:08

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