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$mw=MainWindow->new(-title=>'Game of Life');
$lab1=$frmsettings->Label(-text=>'Size of square:')->pack;
$lab2=$frmsettings->Label(-text=>' x ');
$ststr=$frmsettings->Label(-text=>"Current step: $step")->pack;
$mw->gridColumnconfigure(0, -pad => 10);
$mw->gridColumnconfigure(1, -pad => 10);

This code should make a simple window. But nothing appears after MainLoop. If I use


instead of


window appears, but I need another geometry (like with grid). What's wrong?

ActivePerl 5.16 on Windows.

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1 Answer

$lab1 is using pack, but $hen, $lab2, and $wen are trying to use grid (all in the same frame). Mixing geometry managers in a widget doesn't work. From Mastering Perl/Tk:

but if we start using pack, we should continue to use pack on all the widgets contained directly in $mw. Don't switch to grid in the middle, because the two geometry managers will get into a race condition: one will create its layout, which affects the geometry calculations of the other, which affects the layout of the first, causing it to recompute its geometries, ad infinitum.

Changing $lab1 to use grid should fix that

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