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I am facing an issue Must submit topologies using the 'storm' client script so that StormSubmitter knows which jar to upload while submitting a topology to a production cluster using IDE, while the same thing if i perform in command line using storm jar command, its running like heaven. I have seen examples of the same from githublink.

For submitting topology i am using these set of lines

    conf.put(Config.NIMBUS_HOST, NIMBUS_NODE);
    StormSubmitter submitter = new StormSubmitter();
    submitter.submitTopology("test", conf, builder.createTopology());

Please suggest me if this is the correct approach to run?

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Well found the solution. When we run "storm jar" it sets a property flag for storm.jar to the jar that we are submitting. So if we want to programmatically submit a jar then set that flag as follows:

System.setProperty("storm.jar", <path-to-jar>);

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How did you manage to overcome the following error java.lang.RuntimeException: Found multiple defaults.yaml resources. You're probably bundling the Storm jars with your topology jar.? –  manthosh Mar 14 at 7:21
"Found multiple defaults.yaml resources. You're probably bundling the Storm jars with your topology jar." Don't include the Storm jars in your topology jar and in order to achieve that if you are using maven then add this line <scope>provided</scope> in your storm dependency. –  abhi Mar 14 at 12:56

I didn't run java code for submitting myself, but I checked storm command - and it's a python file, which runs java and http://nathanmarz.github.com/storm/doc/backtype/storm/StormSubmitter.html class

The only thing I think you should worry about - is to include all needed libraries, when executing it.

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thanks alex for the suggestion +1 –  abhi Apr 5 '13 at 11:11

For submitting a topology to remote Storm cluster, you need to upload that jar to nimbus machine and then submit that jar to Cluster using NimbusClient.
You can do it like this:

Map storm_conf = Utils.readStormConfig();
storm_conf.put("nimbus.host", "<Nimbus Machine IP>");
Client client = NimbusClient.getConfiguredClient(storm_conf)
String inputJar = "C:\\workspace\\TestStormRunner\\target\\TestStormRunner-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar";
NimbusClient nimbus = new NimbusClient(storm_conf, "<Nimbus Machine IP>",
                                <Nimbus Machine Port>);
 // upload topology jar to Cluster using StormSubmitter
String uploadedJarLocation = StormSubmitter.submitJar(storm_conf,

String jsonConf = JSONValue.toJSONString(storm_conf);
                      <uploadedJarLocation>, jsonConf, builder.createTopology());

Here is the working example : Submitting a topology to Remote Storm Cluster

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