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I am slowly getting used to using the Qt4 GUI framework. In a project I am working on, I need to be able to add/edit/remove Team objects in a list. Coming from a C#.NET perspective, I would do something like

List<Team> teams = new List<Team>();
teamsListBox.DataSource = teams;
teamsListBox.DisplayMember = "Name";

Then use buttons on the form to do the adding/removing/editing.

But, from what I can tell, there is no easy way to do this in Qt. I have looked over the documentation for QListView, QListWidget, QStandardItemModel, etc. but I cannot figure out how to get the equivalent Qt code for the C#.

My objective is to show the Teams in a list box of some kind, then be able to add/remove/edit the Teams underneath it at runtime.

How would you do this?

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You should have a look at QAbstractItemModel and QStandardItemModel or create a customized TeamItemModel class for your teams that inherits from QAbstractItemModel. Those customized class will manage how the items are displayed in the Widget like QListView.

A simple for QString item example with QStringList:

QStringList list;
list << "item1" << "item2" << "item3" << "item4" << "item5";
ui->listView->setModel(new QStringListModel(list));

Then adding/removing/updating a Team should be easier than what you have tried.

Hope that helps.

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Is there an easier way that avoids subclassing? Like creating a model from a QList<Team>? – Austin Hyde Oct 16 '09 at 18:13
There are DirModel, ProxyModel and StandardItemModel but no list model. I think You have to subclass QAbstractItemModel for your need. – Patrice Bernassola Oct 16 '09 at 18:58
Patrice, can you give a sample code with QStandardItemModel containing more than 1 column and few rows for QListView ? – Samir Apr 15 '10 at 9:19
Have you seen the sample in the Trolltech doc? – Patrice Bernassola Apr 15 '10 at 9:30

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