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I have a Web API service as below:

public UserProfile SearchByEmail(string siteName, string providerName, string email)

I'd like to make the providerName optional and the below urls should work:

{0}: http://www.domain.com/sites/siteName1/providerName1/User/SearchByEmail?email=email1
{1}: http://www.domain.com/sites/siteName1/User/SearchByEmail?email=email1

I've written the below mapping:

               name: "SearchUserByEmail",
               routeTemplate: "sites/{siteName}/{providerName}/User/SearchByEmail",
                defaults: new
                    controller = "User",
                    action = "SearchByEmail",
                    providerName = UrlParameter.Optional

but it only supports the {0} url and doesn't work with the {1} url.

How to write the mapping so that it allows me make the providerName optional?

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Only the last token of an url fragment can be optional. You will have to change your route pattern to: sites/{siteName}/User/SearchByEmail/{providerName} if you want this to work. Or my recommendation if a parameter is optional is to pass it in the query string.

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