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How can i format numbers, currency or date values within a dust.js template?


today: 'Wed Apr 03 2013 10:23:34 GMT+0200 (CEST)'


<p>Today: {today} </p>

Like this way: (with moment.js)

<p>Today: {moment(today).format('dd.MM.YYYY')}</p>

Or round some price-values*

Data: { price: 56.23423425 }


Price: {price.toFixed(2)}

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You are probably going to need to write a helper. Details on how to write a helper can be found here:

Your template for a Date string would look like this:

<p>Today: {@formatDate value="{today}"/}</p>

Your helper would be something like this:

dust.helpers.formatDate = function (chunk, context, bodies, params) {
    var value = dust.helpers.tap(params.value, chunk, context),

    timestamp = new Date(value);
    month = timestamp.getMonth() + 1;
    date = timestamp.getDate();
    year = timestamp.getFullYear();

    return chunk.write(date + '.' + month + '.' + year);

You would want to add in the piece to get the leading zero in front of the month or date as well.

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For people that need to do this for a nodeJs application, here's a nice KrakenJS example:


It uses Moment.js to avoid reinventing the wheel on date formatting.

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