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I use the following code to reload a Switchboard every x milliseconds. Can I tell ember-data to reload the SwitchboardEntrys which are in a hasMany relation to Switchboard recursively?


App = Ember.Application.create({
  ready: function() {
    if (reload_interval != 0) {
      var switchboard = App.Switchboard.find(switchboard_id);
      setInterval(function() {
      }, reload_interval);

App.Store = DS.Store.extend({
  revision: 12

DS.RESTAdapter.configure("plurals", {
  switchboard_entry: "switchboard_entries"

App.Switchboard = DS.Model.extend({
  switchboardEntrys: DS.hasMany('App.SwitchboardEntry'),
  name: DS.attr('string')

App.SwitchboardEntry = DS.Model.extend({
  switchboard: DS.belongsTo('App.Switchboard'),
  name: DS.attr('string'),
  path_to_user: DS.attr('string')
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