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I followed Alan D. Moore's step-by-step guide to have my Raspberry Pi running in kiosk mode.

I did my own configuration as I needed it to run on a touchscreen with no physical keyboard and mouse.

Here's how my ~/.xinitrc file looks.

xset s off
xset -dpms
matchbox-window-manager &
matchbox-keyboard &
while true; do
    rsync -qr --delete --exclude='.Xauthority' /opt/kiosk/ $HOME/
    midori -i 600 -e Fullscreen -e Navigationbar -a http://myport.ac.uk

I used apt-get install for the matchbox-keyboard to be used as an on-screen virtual keyboard solution.

Just look at how small the keys are! Barely touchable and super inaccurate... example

The real question is if anyone knows of a way to make the keyboard bigger, could recommend other solutions or tweak the config? I am a total debian newbie so I really hope I get some help here. :)

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1 Answer

Try to replace the line:

matchbox-keyboard &


matchbox-keyboard -s 20 &

where -s is the font size (letter) that appears on each key.

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