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after runing this code,I found import error:-

from google.appengine.ext import webapp
from google.appengine.ext.webapp.util import run_wsgi_app

class MainPage(webapp.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        self.response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/plain'
        self.response.out.write('Hello, webapp World!')

application = webapp.WSGIApplication([('/', MainPage)],debug=True)

def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":

how to use google.apengine.ext

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How did you install it? Check that the it's on your PYTHONPATH. –  StoryTeller Apr 3 '13 at 9:43

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It looks like Appengine is not installed, or at least the python runtime canot find it.

read and follow the instructions here: https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/python/gettingstarted/

They tell you, how to install Appengine for python.

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