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I have the following installed:

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Visual Assist X

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Most important ones for me are

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  • Refactor! Pro
  • DPack
  • GhostDoc
  • AnkhSVN (replaces VisualSVN for me now)
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I use:

  • ReSharper
  • VisualSVN

If anyone knows of a good native C++ refactoring tool that doesn't bring the system to a standstill all the time, please post it. Refactor! Pro isn't bad by itself but I can't get it to play nicely with R#. I found Visual Assist too slow even when it's the only plug-in installed.

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For Visual Studio 2008 I'd say PowerCommands is a must have.

I also use VisualSVN for source control.

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I am totally addicted to all three, but if I really had to choose the most important one, I'd go with ReSharper.

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Does F# class as a VS addin? :)

In all seriousness, ViEmu is the only addin I use.

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I agree with the R# comments and the agent smith plugin for that. It's not really a plugin, but VS without NUnit is like chocolate cake without icing!

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This question covers around 30 add-ins that people disussed.

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Simple but useful string-> resource refactoring:

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Definitely Smart Paster

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Comment and string spell checker from component one It's very fast and free!

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Currently I use Git-Extensions, and before, i had been using AnkhSvn

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An alternative for RockScroll. It fixes a few annoying issues such as region support.

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Visual Macros Expander if you work with macroses of C++.

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