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I am trying to write an API for a project at my university using RESTlet and Google App Engine in Java. At the moment, I am able to run a web server, but I am having some trouble accessing anything except from the root. Whenever I go to "/road" (which should be serving RoadResource), the web server just displays the RouteResource that is served for the root.

According to Eclipse, I get a HTTP OK 200 status code which seems meaningful although it is handling the wrong file.

The five files related to the project can be found here (except from the jars):


Since I am not able to post more than two links in a post, I've assembled the links in a gist instead.

Somehow, I think it is a minor configuration I've missed but if any of you can help me out, I would be very grateful.

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What happens if you remove:

 component.getDefaultHost().attach("/road", new RouterApplication());

from your RestletServer code?

I think that you just need to attach your Router application and that is what handles both the default route and your /road route. Also if you change



router.attach("/", RouteResource.class);

it may be easier to track down how the routing error is occurring.

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