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This is the two routes i declared in my config/routes.rb file :

  namespace :projects do
    match "proj_rapports_contributeur/select" => 'proj_rapports_contributeur#select', :via => :get
    match "proj_rapports_contributeur/generate/:id" => 'proj_rapports_contributeur#generate', :via => :get

This is the resulting routes and helpers rails generate with rake routes :

projects_proj_rapports_contributeur_select_fr        /hierarchie/rapports_contributeur/selectionner(.:format)                                               projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#select {:locale=>"fr"}
projects_proj_rapports_contributeur_select_en        /en/projects/proj_rapports_contributeur/select(.:format)                                               projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#select {:locale=>"en"}

                                                     /hierarchie/rapports_contributeur/generer/:id(.:format)                                                projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#generate {:locale=>"fr"}
                                                     /en/projects/proj_rapports_contributeur/generate/:id(.:format)                                         projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#generate {:locale=>"en"}

I don't understand why rails didnt generate a route helper for the second route ?

Don't be surprised with the translated route. I'm using the gem 'rails-translate-routes' to translate routes (Resource : https://github.com/francesc/rails-translate-routes)


According to the answeer, for those wanting to know the end word, here it the routes I will be using :

  namespace :projects do

    get "proj_rapports_contributeur/select" => 'proj_rapports_contributeur#select'
    get "proj_rapports_contributeur/generate/:id" => 'proj_rapports_contributeur#generate', :as => 'proj_rapports_contributeur_generate'

And these are the resulting helpers :

projects_proj_rapports_contributeur_select_fr GET    /hierarchie/proj_rapports_contributeur/selectionner(.:format)                                               projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#select {:locale=>"fr"}
projects_proj_rapports_contributeur_select_en GET    /en/projects/proj_rapports_contributeur/select(.:format)                                                    projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#select {:locale=>"en"}
projects_proj_rapports_contributeur_generate_fr GET    /hierarchie/proj_rapports_contributeur/generer/:id(.:format)                                                projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#generate {:locale=>"fr"}
projects_proj_rapports_contributeur_generate_en GET    /en/projects/proj_rapports_contributeur/generate/:id(.:format)                                              projects/proj_rapports_contributeur#generate {:locale=>"en"}
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This is because the route is not a simple route, it contains a parameter (in your case :id). In this case, you should specify the route name manually using as

match "proj_rapports_contributeur/generate/:id" => 'proj_rapports_contributeur#generate', :via => :get, :as => "your_route_name"

As a side note, replace match + via with the corresponding method name.

get "proj_rapports_contributeur/generate/:id" => 'proj_rapports_contributeur#generate'

It's shorter, and match is deprecated in Rails 4.

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Thanks ! It's a shame we can not find any info on "get" nor on route-helpers with route using parameters in the official doc guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html –  Douglas Apr 3 '13 at 12:55

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