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Consider the following snippet:

- (RACSignal *)startRouting {

- (RACSignal *)updateRoutingWithSession:(NSString *)session {

- (RACSignal *)fetchFlights {
    return [[self startRouting] flattenMap:^RACStream *(NSString *session) {
        return [[[[self updateRoutingWithSession:session]
                        takeUntilBlock:^BOOL(RACTuple *operationAndResponse) {
                            AFHTTPRequestOperation *operation = [operationAndResponse first];
                            NSDictionary *response = [operationAndResponse second];
                            return [operation isCancelled] || 100 == [response[kPercentComplete] intValue];

What's happening here is that startRouting returns a RACSignal which sends a session ID. updateRoutingWithSession: returns a RACSignal which sends an NSDictionary looking including a PercentComplete attribute. There's a two second delay between polls.

fetchFlights will run until updateRoutingWithSession: has a PercentComplete of 100.

My issue here is that the very last sendNext:, where the takeUntilBlock returns true, doesn't reach the RACSubscriber.

What am I missing?

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I found this in the world of RX. This is commonly solved by merging two signals. One that takes the repeated source until the the predicate is true. And the other that skips while the predicate is true.

This looks something like this

 BOOL (^finished)(id _) = ^BOOL(id _) {
    return predicate; // BOOLean here

// You want a multicast signal, because multiple signals will subscribe to the source.
// Multicasting it means that you won't get repeated api-requests, in this case.
RACMulticastConnection *source = [[theSignal repeat] publish];

RACSignal *whileNotDone = [source.signal takeUntilBlock:finished];
RACSignal *whenDone = [[source.signal skipUntilBlock:finished] take:1];
RACSignal *merged = [RACSignal merge:@[whileNotDone, whenDone]];

[source connect]; // Needed for a multicast signal to initiate.

The merged signal will sendNext every next in source including the very last one. Then sendCompleted.

Some references from the world of RX:

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To clarify: your problem is that the next that triggers the completion is not sent out? takeUntilBlock will propagate the nexts until the predicate is NO. (documentation) Therefore, the last next will not be sent. But you can subscribe to completion which should happen in this case.

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Absolutely correct. What I could do is not use takeUntilBlock and instead move the predicate into the updateRoutingWithSession: and only sendComplete: once PercentComplete is 100. But that would break the logical flow of updateRoutingWithSession: which is oblivious to how higher order functions use it, i.e. it is not aware that the idea is to poll the service until complete. –  Hans Sjunnesson Apr 3 '13 at 15:43
@HansSjunnesson I think @allprog is trying to point out that you can use the completed event here to find out when the takeUntilBlock: returns NO. You can do this through -subscribeCompleted: or an operator like -sequenceNext:. –  Justin Spahr-Summers Apr 7 '13 at 0:33
@JustinSpahr-Summers True, but completed doesn't send any data. I'm interested in the contents of the last, completing value that the signal sends. TakeWhile suppresses the propagation of that last next. –  Hans Sjunnesson Apr 9 '13 at 11:20
Ah, sorry, I didn't understand that part. In that case, you could combine some other operators, like -mapPreviousWithStart:combine: and -materialize, to hold onto the previous value and then treat completion as a value in and of itself. –  Justin Spahr-Summers Apr 10 '13 at 22:15

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