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I have an anchor tag with some simple CSS:

div {
  background-color: gray; /* for debugging */

div a {
  display: block;
  padding: 6px 4px 6px 7px;
  background-color: red; /* for debugging */

In Firefox, the anchor (in red) is clickable even outside of the text because of it being display: block with some padding. In IE7, when I hover over the red area that is not text, the anchor is no longer a link there.

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Try adding zoom: 1 to the element. This gives the element hasLayout, which is not only the source of 60% of all IE bugs (according to a survey I made up to make this point), but also tends to plague block-level anchors.

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Thanks, I added zoom: 1; to the div a however now its appearing like its no longer block but inline. Any ideas? –  Mark Ursino Oct 16 '09 at 14:55

Somehow a combination of zoom: 1; position: relative; seemed to have worked for me. So buggy!

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zoom: 1 worked for me without position: relative, however display: block was set on my a elements.

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Use zoom: 1 !important; worked for me.

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I have 2 nav bars on my pages at http://gvtdev.davebezaire.com. Setting zoom:1; display:block; caused one menu (along the left) to behave properly. The other (across the top) will not work right even when I add position:relative; width:100%. For now, I've set set up a:hover {text-decoration:underline;} and that will have to be good enough unless someone has suggestions for me.

As a fairly new web page developer, it really is disheartening to learn how much of my effort gets expended on fixes for IE!

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