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I have a problem with my tablet (Dell windows 8) running a Qt GUI. On my PC, the program runs fine, everything works as i expect it to do. But when i run the app on the tablet, Qt seems to interprete a normal touch "klick" as a double tap. Buttons just get clicked twice with almost no delay. Also i get a lot of "cannot accessible interface for object..." messages, but it turned out to be a bug in Qt, yet unresolved. Had anybody similar problems when using Qt on touch devices?

thanks for the help.

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I have the exact same problem. I'm using all sort of hacks to try and make it work. Did you ever found out what the problem was? –  p.streef May 31 '13 at 12:47

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I think i might have found the solution. It had nothing to do with the Tablet IMHO.

The problem solved itself when i replaced all static QT members (e.G. Buttons and other Clickable widgets) with dynamically allocated ones.

I had:

QPushButton m_oMainButton;

and now have: QPushButton * m_poMainButton

This resolved the problem. I think it has to do with giving Layouts and other QT managers the ownership over my buttons. I never really found out why that happended, but it solved it.

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