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I use the visual editor to create schduler chains in sqldeveloper3.2. But faced with a problem - can not get the SQL code of the chain, namely the sequence of requests create_chain, define_chain_step, define_chain_rule (from DBMS_SCHEDULER package).

In addition a number of properties have created steps and rules can not be changed like a program_name and so on.

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DBMS_Metadata can be used to pull the definitions.

When I last tried this in it did not pull the scheduler rules -- I pulled them by just reading the relevant system tables using SQL.

select 'exec DBMS_SCHEDULER.DEFINE_CHAIN_RULE('''||chain_name||''','''||condition||''','''||action||''','''||rule_name||''','''||comments||''');'
from user_scheduler_chain_rules
where chain_name = 'EXPORT';

I always found it more robust to completely drop and redefine a schedule rather than modify them in place. Some notes here: http://oraclesponge.wordpress.com/category/oracle/dbms_scheduler/

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It seems I did not properly expressed. I need to generate the SQL code from the visual presentation schduler chain in SQLDeveloper. But thanks for the proposed method of building query. –  mad Apr 3 '13 at 11:50

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