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On client side (in Browser) URL looks like this one:


it means, that parameter param1 has value Name1=Value1

On Server Side, I see, that param1 has value Name1=Value1

I found info, that '=' is HTML Entity (decimal) for character "=".

Main problem, that I do not have full access to code on server side.

Could you please provide some recommendation how I can convert HTML Entity to "=". And What do you think, it is valid situation that on server side URL parameter has HTML Entity or it is bug?

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What is the server? Any frameworks? Where in the call stack do you read the param? "google.com"; are you running this at google? :) – Vitaly Apr 3 '13 at 11:30
something is encoding your url using XML/HTML numeric entities - you haven't told us enough for us to even hazard a guess as to why. This isn't a normal part of any sort of standard processing chain. I'd suggest hunting around in the source code for something like "numeric entity encoding" ... – Mike Sokolov Apr 3 '13 at 11:30
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That is weird. I'm lost as to why URL encoded characters would be converted to encoded HTML entities. Anyway, if all you are interested in is converting it to Name=Value, take a look at this code.




Where StringEscapeUtils is from the apache commons lang project.

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