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My question may be silly But I expect someone to answer this. In .net Web applications we have to call the DataBind() method after setting the source for any data control. But in windows forms there is no such method is available and we don't have to call a DataBind(). Can anyone tell me the reason for this. Is there any particular reason for calling DataBind in web forms.

I know this is for binding the data with the control. But why this binding is not need in windows forms?

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In web development, you need to maintain a level of efficiency to ensure that all users experience good performance, mainly because a large number of users could be accessing the same data source at the same time. In order to do this you may need more granular control over when and how things are loaded. By having to explicitly call DataBind() you can ensure that you, as the developer, have full control of when the data is transmitted.

In WinForms you don't necessarily need as much control so, I guess, they felt that databinding immediately would be preferable than having to explicitly call it each time. You can replicate this in ASP.NET by creating a new page that other pages inherit, which contains a method that automatically databinds, if you really wanted to.

I believe, and am happy to be corrected, that it's more of design choice given the project types each framework has been created for.

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