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Is there a way to run IPython in unbuffered mode?

The same way as python -u gives unbuffered IO for the standard python shell

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From Python's man page:

   -u     Force  stdin,  stdout and stderr to be totally unbuffered.  On systems where it matters, also put stdin, stdout and
          stderr in binary mode.  Note that there is internal buffering in xreadlines(), readlines() and  file-object  itera‐
          tors  ("for  line in sys.stdin") which is not influenced by this option.  To work around this, you will want to use
          "sys.stdin.readline()" inside a "while 1:" loop.

If using unbuffered mode interferes with readline, it certainly would interfere even more with all the magic editing and auto-completion that iPython gives you. I'm inclined to suspect that's why that command line option isn't in iPython.

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python -u `which ipython`

Not sure if it will work, though.

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