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I have a grid with local memory store. I can list the records in pages using pagingtoolbar. However, after filtering the data, I load filtered records to a new store and bind this store to the same pagingtoolbar. Then pagingtoolbar becomes disabled. In this state, when I check the pagingtoolbar's data it shows the correct values (total records and pages etc.). But the toolbar is disabled.

How can I update the view of paging toolbar?

Here some code:

var newStore = Ext.create('APP.myLocalStore', {
                data: filteredStore.data,
                totalCount: filteredStore.count()

I am using extjs 4.x

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I solved my problem, there was another issue with store. Also pagingtoolbar.onLoad() function does the refresh but I think it is not pretty. –  tkcn Apr 4 '13 at 6:58

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You can use pagination bar refresh also. Try

Ext.getCmp('pagination bar').doRefresh()

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