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I'm confused about the possibilities of setting the text attribute, and the difference with setting html. Basically, I have a paragraph with an image in it:

<p id="test">Title <img src="/someimage.jpg" /></p>

What I want to do, is change 'Title' to something else. So what I do (using MooTools):

$('test').set('text', 'Different title');

However, this just replaces the entire contents of the paragraph element, stripping the image element, as shown here:

I would've expected this to just change the text, the actual text, and not any HTML elements that are contained. Now it just seems the same as using set('html', 'Different title').

Why does it work this way? And how can I only really change the text, without resorting to wrapping the text in a <span> or cloning and putting back the image with JS, which would just complicate it?

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The correct way to do things is via text nodes.

    getTextNodes: function(){
        return Array.filter(this.childNodes, function(el){
            return el.nodeType == 3;

var textNodes = $('test').getTextNodes();

textNodes[0].nodeValue = 'Hi there';

this will return a collection of all textNodes you can update the value of so you can reference any bit of text you like.

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Nice answer ! :) – Adidi Apr 3 '13 at 15:32
Thanks for this answer. So, there's a bit more to 'text'. Would it perhaps be a good idea to include getTextNodes in MooTools, for easy usage? – kasimir Apr 10 '13 at 13:37
it's uncommon to really work on such low level and people get around it by modding the markup and wrapping bits in superfluous elements. mootools-core is at a feature-freeze anyway whilst 2.0 (aka prime) is being written. – Dimitar Christoff Apr 10 '13 at 14:33
Perhaps this will make it sometime. For now, there doesn't seem much difference between text and html. This answer is quite helpful when looking for that 'lower level' though. – kasimir May 27 '13 at 19:02

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