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I have an enum:

public enum baseKey : uint
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT = 0x80000000,
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER = 0x80000001,
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = 0x80000002,
    HKEY_USERS = 0x80000003,
    HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG = 0x80000005

How can I, given the string HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, get a value 0x80000002 based on the enum?

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(uint)Enum.Parse(typeof(baseKey), "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE")
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I always wonder why there is still no generic overload to Enum.Parse. It's long overdue. –  Falanwe Apr 11 at 17:44

Using Enum.TryParse you don't need the Exception handling:

baseKey e;

if ( Enum.TryParse(s, out e) )
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With some error handling...

uint key = 0;
string s = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE";
   key = (uint)Enum.Parse(typeof(baseKey), s);
   //unknown string or s is null
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var value = (uint) Enum.Parse(typeof(baseKey), someString);
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Alternate solution can be:

baseKey hKeyLocalMachine = baseKey.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE;
uint value = (uint)hKeyLocalMachine;

Or just:

uint value = (uint)baseKey.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE;
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How exactly does that convert a string to the enum value? –  Falanwe Apr 11 at 17:45
Enums consist of two components: name and value. Let's say the name is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and the value is "0x80000002". Enum.Parse() method is useless in this case because you can cast the enum member to uint and get the value - 2147483650. Enum.Parse() of course gives the same result but instead of hardcoding a string as a parameter you can cast directly the enum variable you're working with. –  George Findulov Apr 11 at 22:08
You didn't convert the string "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" to the value, as the OP asked, you converted the symbol HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to the value. Wildly different beasts. –  Falanwe Apr 13 at 8:50

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