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my laravel view structure is like this:




following by


In my header view i have a var $title I'm trying to set it dynamically trought the controller on the home page.

so in my view located in /pages/index.blade.php I got this





I read somewhere that the title var should be passed throught the controller but i can't do it :(

i tried this without any success.$title is undefined in header partials views..

class Home_Controller extends Base_Controller {
    public $layout = 'layouts.default';
    public function action_index()
        $this->layout->nest('header', 'home.index')->with('title', 'James');
        $posts = Post::with('author')->all();
        return View::make('home.index');

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In Laravel's Blade templating engine you can use either @render or @include to render views.

However, if you use @render, the rendered view won't inherit data from the current view. So, if you need variables etc. to be inherited, you need to use @include. See the docs on templating for more information.

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