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After lots of futzing around with all of the settings, I finally managed to get APEX to work on a remote server. To get that to happen, I had to grant my user the SYSDBA role, and I also included myself in the ORADBA group on that machine. I can log in to APEX at http://computername:8085/apex. (Note that I used port 8085 instead of 8080 - there seemed to be an Apache listener using 8080).

My question is, how do I connect to APEX without using the remote desktop. That is, VPNing to the machine, and just opening the browser on my local computer and typing http://computername:8085/apex. I've looked all over and tried numerous approaches, including


Any ideas?

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This is more a network question than a programming question. You should have better answers over at serverfault. Basically if you can connect via browser on the same machine, you should be able to connect by browser on any machine on the same network (except firewall rules of course). –  Vincent Malgrat Apr 3 '13 at 13:07
Ah, I didn't even know that serverfault existed! Thanks for the note. –  Will Apr 3 '13 at 13:12

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In case anyone comes looking for this: I had to open up port 8085 (the port that I chose; by default it's 8080, but I had a listener there already) on the local computer's firewall (where Oracle & APEX are installed) to both incoming and outgoing connections. For me, this was as easy as opening up Windows firewall, going to advanced settings, and adding a rule for this port to both the inbound and outbound rules section.

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