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I am developing an add-on installer using Installshield 2011 and project type is Basic MSI. I got a requirement where i need to update app.config file; the mentioned app.config is not part of current installer; app.config will be available by installing the base product. And on top of this my add-on installer will update the app.config file.

I am using XML File Changes feature provided by Installshield, i have configured it in the following steps:

  1. Import the updated app.config file under XML File changes view.
  2. Create a new element and assign key and value to it.
  3. Repeated 1 and 2 and added 7 to 8 new entries as per the requirement

During testing i am seeing that the app.config file has been updated but entries are in single line instead of one below the other. I cannot enable "Format XML after changes" because one of the service which is referenced to app.config is not working and when i revoke the option services runs perfectly.

Is there any workaround/option to tell/ask installshield insert xml tag one below the other not in sinlge line using XML File Changes?

Thanks, Chetan

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If XML Changes isn't formatting the document in a way that's acceptable, you could consider using the Text File Changes which is just a simpler search and replace without understanding the schema of XML. Otherwise options are to check out Windows Installer XML ( you can use the XmlConfig elements found in the Util extension in a merge module and then use that merge module in InstallShield ) or to just write your own custom actions.

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