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When I add ng-change="reverseOrder=this.checked" to a checkbox, as so:

<input id="reverseOrder" type="checkbox" ng-change="reverseOrder=this.checked"/>

I get the following exception:

Error: No controller: ngModel

I've tried adding ng-model to the inputbox, a div wrapping the entire view and in the <html> tag, this produces an exception liek the following:

Error: Non-assignable model expression:  (<div class="ng-scope" ng-model="">)

What's going on here? I didn't think I needed to explicitly pull in the model. I've read the Angular documentation but am none the wiser.

Thanks in advance.


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ngChange requires ngModel directive. But you're using ngChange for the same purpose of ngModel. Just go with:

<input id="reverseOrder" type="checkbox" ng-model="reverseOrder"/>
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