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I´m new to Objective C and learn it on my own with a book. I have a some UITextFields in which the user is supposed to enter some numbers. These numbers can be used to calculate the volume of a variation of bodies. The problem is, that if I want to use the UITextField XCode always gives me a warning:

Incompatible pointer to integer conversion passing UITextField *__weak to parameter of type int

So I looked up how to convert a string into a number. I tried NSNumberFormatter and also changing it to a number by using

NSNumber *myNumber = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"f", Width];

The variable Width is the variable defined in the calculator class later on. Still the warning message was something similar to the previous one. I searched pretty long now so I just asked here.

How can I use the data given by the UITextField?

Thanks in advance for your help! If needed I can upload more of my code.

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Okay, I fixed the problem :) The solution was really simple. I just used:

double QWidthDouble = [_widthTextField.text doubleValue];

calculator.QWidth = QWidthDouble;

Now my class variable QWidth gets a double from the text field. I hope my question can help someone :)

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