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I need help because i am having problems with the WebRTC: I am using this code from one example about Video calls.

 if (new_connection) {
       console.log('New Peer Connection');
       var peer_connection = {};
       peer_connection.connection_id = msg.from_connection_id;
       peer_connection.pc = createPeerConnection(peer_connection.connection_id,
       $('#remote').prepend(remoteVideoHtml.replace('remoteVideoId', 'peer' +

 //Now process the SDP JSON Blob received
 for (var i in peer_connections) {
       if (peer_connections[i].connection_id == msg.from_connection_id) {
             try {
             }catch (e) {
       console.log("Failed to create processSignalingMessage, exception: " +    e.message);                            

I need help because i have one problem here.


The problem is:

 Object #<RTCPeerConnection> has no method 'processSignalingMessage' 

I dont know how those functions works and how they are invoqued:

pc.onconnecting = function (msg) {
pc.onopen = function (msg) {
pc.onaddstream = function (event) {
console.log('onRemoteStreamAdded add the remote peers video stream.');
var url = webkitURL.createObjectURL(event.stream);
$('#peer' + connection_id).attr({
src: url

I will apreciate any help. Thank you very much. Regards.

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The initial version of WebRTC in Chrome was based on ROAP and it used to have a processSignallingMessage() method. The current version based on JSEP and it has methods like setRometeDescription() or setLocalDescription() to inject the local SDP and the SDP received from other users.

You can still find this implementation in old versions of Chrome or in Bowser.

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Heyy Thank you very much!!! Now it is running!!! –  Jcaballerogon Apr 12 '13 at 10:30

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