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First of all, I am new to JUnit testing.

I've built an Android application that find's the nearest places based on the user's current location. It uses either a NETWORK or GPS Provider to obtain a location fix. After getting the fix, it retrieves the nearest locations from a remote database and places a marker on the map.

I am using Google Maps Android API v2 and I have noticed that it is not possible to test or run the maps on an emulator. Therefore, how can I unit test my application if that is the case?

Is there anyway to run tests on my device?

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Unit tests are for units.

In your code a unit would be a function, which returns a list of some model objects given geographical position and DAO. You can then mock the DAO.

Such test doesn't have to be run on the device, but can be - it's just 1e6 times slower.

For basics, start reading (a lot) about JUnit, mocking (for example with Mockito), maybe Testing Fundamentals, but I'd rather think of separating logic from Activities, because Activities work well and you don't have to test them really.

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